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Brighton Serenade

Brighton Serenade is my second album, released online in 2008 on the track by track label. The title track Brighton Serenade, inspired by a journey to South England, is for chilling or dancing – whatever you feel while listening to it. The mysterious Arc takes us into unknown territiries. The song Letasa is dedicated to the fans of Genesis – here you can listen to extended mellotron parts. The rocksong Touchdown could be the film score of the first flight to Mars.


  1. Brighton Serenade
  2. Arc
  3. Get A Kick
  4. Letasa
  5. Poliumia 2
  6. Touchdown
  7. Interlude
  8. Tranndor
  9. If I Could
  10. Meranous
  11. Gemini
  12. Apsis
  13. Geo 2


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