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Turning Point

Turning Point is my third album - 15 musical experiences between ambient, trance, dance, rock and pop. The seven minute long opener Drone tells the story of a country in war, its people desperately longing for peace. Rain in May is a relaxed piano-based song recorded on a rainy day in the „Siebengebirge“ near the river Rhine, my inspiring home. A country which succeeded in making sustainable development a reality is described in the track Timanto - unfortunately still a utopia. Fellows is a tribute to good friends in hard times - like the ones in "Lord of the Rings". What it feels like to be fully captured by a task, you can hear in the track Flow.

The album Turning Point is characterized by change. The tracks on this album change directions, offering new views and experiences. What is driving us? The challenge of change!


  1. Drone
  2. Rain in May
  3. Confidence
  4. Helentia
  5. Range A
  6. Timanto
  7. Trans4mation
  8. Fellows
  9. Flow
  10. Neotrans II
  11. Bazement Three
  12. Geo 1
  13. Faith in You Instrumental
  14. New Trance
  15. Saturn III


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